Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pay Yourself First..and automatically...and in 999.9% pure 24k Gold

I'm sure it's safe to think most of us have heard the phrase, "Pay Yourself First", but I wonder how many of us are actually following this most fundamental, essential rule of life? And what exactly does it mean to pay yourself first?

Before you pay the rent/mortgage, before you pay the utilities and loans, before you buy the groceries, before you buy or pay anything...a preset portion of your income should be dedicated to a savings plan. You can choose a bank or credit union savings account but unfortunately will not receive a good return on your investment. You can choose an IRA type account or 401K but you will not be able to gain easy access to your funds if a situation arises when you need your money.

A relatively new and innovative savings concept is offered with Karatbars International. The company makes it easy for anyone to exchange paper currency into real money, 999.9% pure 24k gold that is available in small, affordable amounts of 1, 2.5 or 5 gram units. Opening an account with Karatbars is simple and free. You will be required to scan and email copies of your license or passport and a utility bill or bank statement that shows your address. This is necessary for money laundering control and is in place for your safety as well as the safety of Karatbars. After the company approves your account, you are ready to make your first purchase and get your "Pay Yourself First" gold savings plan started. You can opt for a gold auto purchase either weekly or monthly and not have to worry about your savings plan. Whether you start slow with 1 gram monthly or choose 5 grams weekly, that choice is yours and will be one of the smartest ones you can make for your future.

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