Thursday, August 11, 2016

Karatbars for Your Future

The first and foremost mission of Karatbars International would be to start a regular gold savings plan and build wealth for the future. The second mission is to provide a way to make an incredible income by becoming an Affiliate and referring others to start their own gold savings plans. Registration is free and there are no products to purchase, no monthly quotas to fill, no meetings to attend or give presentations at and no conventions to run off to.

The main product of Karatbars is affordable, 999.9% pure 24K gold offered in a transaction-friendly format. There is no requirement for anyone to ever purchase any gold, but it is very advisable to exchange paper currency into gold (real money) on a regular basis. Historically, gold has always retained and increased in value, unlike fiat paper currency that keeps being worth less and less.

The decision to become a Karatbars Affiliate does include choosing from one of four business packages at whatever level is comfortable. These packages are:

Bronze-less than $150.00 earns 5%
Silver-less than $415.00 earns 10%
Gold-less than $935.00 earns 15%
VIP-less than $2375.00 earns 20%

The Bronze package was created mainly to make it possible for countries with lower income rates to participate, but is a great start for anyone--it is after all, a start at being able to achieve a sizable weekly income and can be upgraded as that increases. The other three packages contain some gold and their prices change with the price of gold.

Coming up soon, The 8 Income Streams Affiliates Make in Karatbars

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