Saturday, August 6, 2016

Why You Need This Asset

The hardest obstacle we face daily is meeting all of our financial obligations. We all have so much going on each weekday, or on a monthly basis, that we worry and wonder how to control all that we spend, and perhaps even how we might cut down on some of the bills so we could have extra money for a savings plan.

Most people spend more time and energy planning their vacation than they do planning their retirement. You have to make a conscious effort each and every day of reviewing your accounts to see what is going out and what is coming in. If you did this each and every day, you would more than likely find bills that can be avoided, and also discover some extra “found” money you could put into a savings account. Not just any savings account, but a very special one that will provide you with a much better return than what banks will pay you.

So what is this asset that l mentioned on my subject line all about? The asset is gold, an asset that can not be reproduced and will always maintain its true value with inflation. Take for an example an ounce of gold had a value of $35.00 US Dollars back in the 1930's. The ounce of gold and the paper money had the same purchasing power at the time; it could buy you a new suit, a nice dinner for two, a date to go and watch a movie with your sweetheart, or you could fill your car with gas.
Now let's fast forward this to August 2016, the paper money is still worth $35.00 US dollars, but the ounce of gold has a value of $1,360.00 US dollars. With the paper money, you would be lucky to get two people to see a movie and buy some soft drinks and popcorn, forget about all the other stuff that the paper money had the ability to purchase back in the 1930's. With gold, it could still provide you with all the items it purchased back in the thirties, and you would still have money left over.

If you would like to understand more about this asset and what it can do for your financial future you can register HERE for an account as a free member. That will provide you access to all the features in the back office as if you were a paid member, and it even includes your own website and landing page to share with others you want to refer others. Once you have reviewed all the features you’ll be able to see what this asset can do for you by purchasing small denominations of gold in 1 gram, 2.5 grams or 5 gram amounts. If you decide to make a bigger purchase, it’s entirely your choice. Whether you want to acquire 1 gram a week or a month or 5 grams (or more) a week or a month, that choice is yours. And, you can even set up your account to automatically add to your savings plan.

Now you can afford to buy gold since you don’t have to purchase a full ounce at a time. The best part of it all, if you want to sell it, you can sell whatever amount you want back to the company.
If you liked what you have read and seen with this company, send me an email to and l will send you a video that explains this opportunity in much more detail.

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